How many of these road trip troubles have you experienced?

How many of these road trip troubles have you experienced?

Life can be a little strange in 2020, but summer road trips don’t have to go away. We maybe can’t spend much time exploring the world on foot this year, but we can still drive! If taking an extended road trip is new territory for you, there may be some unpleasant aches just around the bend.

How many of these painful “long-haul” driving experiences have you encountered? Check out our tips to mitigate them!


Comfortable Position Dilemma

Your favorite podcast is playing, and the AC is blasting. You’ve been driving down a nice, long stretch of road for awhile. You’re comfortable and have settled into the groove… literally! Enter the Comfortable Position Dilemma – you’re comfortable now, but the minute you get out of the vehicle you’re going to feel stiff and achy. You might not be able to escape the stiffness, but you can reduce its effects.

Solution – Take a driving break every two hours, even if it’s just for five minutes. Your chiropractor will have accessible suggestions on stretches you can do during breaks.


Sore Hip Conundrum

Not everyone has a roomy driver’s seat. Sometimes you need to drive for some time with your right leg and hip at a slightly bent angle. While you can’t necessarily change the dimensions of your vehicle’s driver side, you can do something about the sore hips!

Solution – Before you start your trip and during breaks, briefly do a couple of sets of lunges, hip flexors, or leg swings. Ask your chiropractor for advice on improving your hip’s range of motion.


Stiff-Necked Quandary

Your passengers in the car have every opportunity to “ooh” and “ahh” at the sites, but not you! You’re laser-focused on your duties as the driver. You need to make sure to keep your neck muscles unstrained so your watchful gaze can continue to smoothly scan the horizon.

Solution – The best way to stay ahead of the curve is to be proactive. Work with your chiropractor to develop plans to strengthen and stretch your neck muscles. Until then, try out an upper trapezius stretch to get the ball rolling!


If you do any extended driving this summer, talk to your chiropractor! They can give you some excellent advice on battling the sedentary nature of the open road. Remember: your chiropractor has a wealth of knowledge to help you be proactive instead of reactive about your health.

Posted on: July 15, 2020Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors